Published in DASH #15 – Home Work City
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The Future of the Dutch Workhome Project

Round-table discussion with Frances Holliss, Jo Janssen, Wim van den Bergh, Jeroen de Bok, Isabelle Vries, Robert Winkel, Franz Ziegler, Eireen Schreurs and Paul Kuitenbrouwer

While preparing this issue of DASH, the editorial board noticed that it was hard to find recent projects that successfully combine living and working. Even though Dutch housing has a reputation of plan innovation, its projects rarely explicitly address the issue. To get a better understanding of why this is the case, and to discuss how workhome arrangements can be stimulated in the Netherlands, DASH organized a discussion. We invited a number of Dutch architects and planners who are involved in projects combining living and working to share their experiences and ideas at a round-table discussion.