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The Solar House Principle

The solar house is one of the most prominent new dwelling types, coming into vogue in the 1940s. In the USA, the combination of modern architecture, lifestyle and a wartime economy resulted in radical experiments in suburban home architecture, among them the work of Ralph Rapson.

Anticipation versus Improvisation

Between the anticipation of the dismantling of a home and the intelligent use of waste and demolition material, there is a broad range of methodologies, which require a new intellectual flexibility from the designer. The focus is not on the product, but on the entire process of design and construction up to and including use and eventual demolition.

Sustainable Housing, Sustainable Living

Housing encompasses both the physical, architectural design of the home and the less easily definable modes of living of its occupants. Sustainable housing therefore implies a reflection on sustainable modes of living as well.

Luxury Architecture: Simplicity and Wealth

Jean-Philippe Vassal explains how sustainability, economy of means and design go hand in hand in the architecture of his practice, Lacaton & Vassal, in order to give more freedom of choice and luxury.