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DASH #08 – Building Together

Several municipal governments in the Netherlands are looking closely at collective private building commissions. By stimulating private individuals to form commissioning collectives, cities like Almere and Amsterdam hope to relaunch the jammed housing market. In this they are taking a step towards what has been routine in Germany for many years under the name Baugruppen. In the news coverage about Collective Private Commissioning (CPC), the economic and financial aspects usually take a central position. Often the opportunities that CPC offers for creating new forms of housing, programmes and floor plans that match the requirements of the user receive too little attention. It is precisely this side of the equation that DASH Building Together invests. Through a number of essays and interviews, DASH shows that CPC collaborations in the Netherlands and abroad have resulted in innovative architecture for decades. With extensive plan documentation charts these programmatic and typological innovations in text and drawings, DASH Building Together provides an architectural slant on the collective private commissioning debate.

Differentiation and Cohesion

Collective private commissions (CPC) are not new in the Netherlands. Using historical and contemporary examples, this article investigates the role that CPC has played for Dutch architecture in the past and can play again in the future.

For the Individual and the Collective

Between 1960 and 1972 an initiative by five Philips employees developed into a unique residential district of more than 1,000 houses. To this day, ’t Hool embodies the ideals, wishes and ambitions of a new post-war middle class.

Baugruppen as Catalysts for New Urban Housing Quality

Germany in general and Berlin in particular have a rich tradition of collective private commissions. This contribution traces the circumstances in which so-called Baugruppen (building groups) could flourish and describes their influence on architectural practice in Germany.

Relaxed Private Commissioning

Until a few years ago, it was common practice in the Netherlands for developers to deliver generic products and give most of their attention to production. Of course, there was also…

Plan Documentation Building Together

The plan documentation of this eighth edition of DASH includes 11 projects that were realized on the basis of collective private commissions. Spread over Europe and North America,…