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Park Rozendaal versus Krekenbuurt

Two exceptional projects from the 1970s, Park Rozendaal in Leusden and Krekenbuurt in Zwolle, are meticulously examined and compared to identify the factors responsible for their continuing success.

‘Privacy Is Something You Give to Others’

Architect Benno Stegeman, who started his practice in the 1970s, looks back at the objectives and qualities of some of his realized designs. Are the principles used then still relevant today?

Plan Documentation of the Woonerf

The plan documentation for the woonerf in this third edition of DASH presents a series of projects, historical and recent, national and international, that the editorial team regard…


In 1974 architect Benno Stegeman was commissioned to design a neighbourhood on the Aa-Landen housing estate in Zwolle. This neighbourhood was to reflect 1970s’ ideals which sought…