Published in DASH #09 - Housing Exhibitions
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Plan Internationaal

DoorwerthJ.T.P Bijhouwer/ Bouwfonds et al.

The creation of this international showcase of ‘domestic culture’ dates back to 1960, when the Bouwfonds Nederlandse Gemeenten (a former semi-public company that focused on homes and mortgages) put up a piece of land for sale in the Dutch village of Doorwerth, earmarked to be used for ‘normal development’. But the Bouwfonds’s director at the time, J. Wiersema, thought that this site was too unique for typical standard homes, and came up with a plan to build a variety of homes here of the types that the Bouwfonds had been building since its inception in 1946. He also had in mind a series of prefabricated bungalows from abroad, which would give a good insight into the domestic cultures of the respective countries…