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DASH - Home Work City: Living and Working in the Urban Block

In today’s service economy the separation between living and working, one of the dogmas of modern urbanism, is under discussion. This issue of DASH looks into the question of what it means to a city when the division between living and working fades away. Together with British researcher/ architect Frances Holliss, DASH examines how living and working can be mixed, specifically on the level of the building block. How do you create living and working environments that are suitable for an extremely varied group of homeworkers? How will this affect the architecture of the block and what does the mixed block contribute to urban life? The representation of the work function, the collective space between street and front door and the division of working and living inside the block are important design themes.
The project documentation includes The Pullens Estate, London (1886-1901), Cité Montmartre aux Artistes, Paris (1930-1932) by Henry Résal & Adolphe Thiers, Piazza Céramique, Maastricht (2002-2006) by Jo Janssen & Wim van den Bergh and IBeB: Integratives  Bauprojekt am ehemaligen Blumengrossmarkt, Berlin (2012-2018) by ifau | HEIDE & VON BECKERATH.