Minor Seminary Hageveld

Heemstede (NL)Jan Stuyt and Ontwerpgroep MYJ (KBnG)

With the official division of the former minor seminary Hageveld in Heemstede into a front and rear section in 2001, a period of living and learning under a shared roof came to a definitive end. The rear section, consisting of two parallel building strips with a central chapel, a schoolyard, sports fields and part of the park, remains in the possession of the now secular Atheneum College Hageveld. For the conversion
of the front section, where the regents, priests, nuns, sisters and other in-house staff lived for three quarters of a century, developer Hopman Interheem wrote out a competition that was won by Design group MYJ (now architecture firm KBnG) in collaboration with Braaksma & Roos.