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The Evolution of Type A, B, C and further

Over the past decades architect Frits van Dongen has gained a name as an ingenious typological innovator. His oeuvre displays a gradual and above all rational development towards optimum housing typologies. Van Dongen, however, describes himself in somewhat different words: ‘I’m a kind of street fighter too, which means I’ll battle endlessly to get a […]


AmsterdamFrits van Dongen/ de Architekten Cie.

A New Standard In 1996 Frits van Dongen was asked to design an apartment building in a spectacular location in the Plantagebuurt area of Amsterdam. But development of the almost rectangular site at the junction of Nieuwe Herengracht and Entrepotdok proved to be no easy task. Given the limited dimensions (33 x 55 m) only […]

Junk Space You Need

Alex van de Beld, who started his practice in the 1990s, talks about the specific qualities of informality and suburban living. Besides finding the right balance between privacy and collectivity, examples provided by Scandinavian residential culture are examined.


This brief but colourful history of a project in Amsterdam’s Oostelijk Havengebied recounts the trials and tribulations of architects and commissioners in developing an initially prestigious and unique building.