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Corso XXII Marzo

Milan (IT)Antonio Pellegrini and Gianni Celada

As you walk along Corso XXII Marzo, coming from the Madonnina that overlooks Milan, the regular rhythm of the quiet late nineteenth-century façades is suddenly interrupted. A brutalist concrete corner, adjacent to a prototypical building block in the urban plan of Cesare Beruto, lets you glimpse through it into a courtyard. On entering this space, […]

‘In welchem Style sollen wir wohnen?’

In ‘The Exhibitionist House’, Beatriz Colomina highlights how the house has become ‘the most important vehicle for the investigation of architectural ideas in this century’.1The role that what I would call ‘style rooms’ – exhibited house interiors – have played in this process should not be underestimated. These temporary and relatively simple architectural installations are […]

‘Living and Things’

The Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), which evolved from its forerunner the Akademie Industriële Vormgeving Eindhoven, has played an important role in design education in the Netherlands since the Second World War. The academy has been considered one of the most important design schools in the world since the 1990s and, as a result, attracts an […]

Plan Documentation Interiors on Display

The project documentation for this eleventh edition of DASH shows 15 style rooms that cover a time span of more than 100 years. These home interiors, which were never inhabited, were explicitly designed to illustrate a contemporary or futuristic form of dwelling at exhibitions and fairs. This distinguishes them from the traditional style rooms or […]


BerlinPeter Behrens

In 1902 the department store Wertheim in Berlin started to showcase state-of-the-art living spaces designed by contemporary architects and artists. A set up of two typical Berlin flats was built into one of the sales areas, allowing the visitors to walk through real-life rooms. Among the contributing architects were British architect Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott, […]


BerlinHendrik Petrus Berlage

In April 1905, the department store A. Wertheim opened their second exhibition of ‘Moderne Wohnräume’, replacing the previous permanent exhibition from 1902. Among the 16 participating architects was Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage, who designed a living/dining room…  


StuttgartLilly Reich and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Not only the Weissenhofsiedlung was built in the context of the Werkbund exhibition ‘Die Wohnung’ in Stuttgart, in the centre of town an exhibition also took place, featuring different products and materials that play a role in the construction and furnishing of homes. Mies van der Rohe asked Werkbund member Lilly Reich, who had made […]

Some New Items for the Home – Part I

BerlinJasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is considered to be one of the most successful product designers of our time. He has built up a body of work that ranges from furniture to kitchen appliances and shoes. His work often has a somewhat neutral or anonymous appearance, which also characterizes many design products from the 1950s and 1960s. Morrison […]

Ideal House

CologneHella Jongerius

The annual furniture fair in Cologne has a tradition of inviting leading designers to present their vision of ‘ideal living’ in the form of an installation. Hella Jongerius was invited in 2005…  

Maison de l’Iran

ParisClaude Parent, André Bloc, Moshen Foroughi & Heydar Ghiaï-Chamlou

Maison de l’Iran was the last student residence to be built within the park-like setting of the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris, where various countries constructed pavilions between 1925 and 1968 to accommodate their own students. The most well-known pavilions are those from Switzerland and Brazil (both by Le Corbusier) and the Netherlands (Dudok). In […]

DASH#11 – Interiors on Display

The home interior is a measure of time. It envelops and reveals the home, the private sphere; it explains how we deal with the past, as well as with the things that surround us. It shows how the complex world around us forms part of our lives. A history of the home interior can also […]

Coming out soon, next Issue of DASH

The radical innovations in architecture during the twentieth century were not all about exteriors; they also had a major impact on the interiors of homes. The rise of mass housing, mass production and mass consumption led more than once to the idea that the home interior as architectural project would become a thing of the […]