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The Art of the Corner

In the twentieth century, the development of Amsterdam was marked by important moments of change. These moments are still visible as sudden transitions in the year rings of the concentrically grown city. The first transformative moment can be deduced from the year rings created around 1920. The nineteenth- and early twentieth-century extensions of the city […]

Plan Documentation Home Work City

This edition of DASH documents ten projects that, on the scale of the urban block, explore the ways in which workhome combinations contribute to urban design, architecture and programming. Historical examples in Coventry, London, Kyoto, Paris and Amsterdam as well as more recent projects in Basel, again Paris, Maastricht, Rotterdam and (a brand new one […]

Plan Documentation From Dwelling to Dwelling

Traditionally, architecture is not only about the production of new buildings, but also about the adaptation of existing ones. Consulting the history of architecture teaches us that there are countless fantastic examples of buildings that have been radically transformed over time, for example Roman theatres and stadiums that were transformed into squares and residential complexes […]


London (UK)Sir William Chambers and Henry Holland

Since the radical renovation of the eighteenth-century Melbourne house on Piccadilly (London) into flats for single gentlemen in 1802, the complex, renamed Albany, has had a special reputation. It is an exclusive, desirable and, at the same time, somewhat infamous enclave in the heart of London, with a long list of famous inhabitants from the […]

Editorial Dash #12-13

Last year, during a DASH seminar held in Delft in the summer of 2014, Charles Correa held an ardent plea for an architecture of affordable housing that starts  from space and openness, rather than bulk and density. In his mind, models for large-scale and affordable housing were all too often based on the maximization of […]

Shifting Scales

In the past half-century, Indian architects such as Charles Correa, Raj Rewal and Balkrishna Doshi have realized trendsetting affordable housing projects. Uniting tradition and modernity, they enable residents to feel part of a community.

Plan Documentation Global Housing

Affordable Housing for Developing Cities In emerging economies all over the world, massive urbanization is leading to an urgent, acute need for affordable housing. Numerous plans and programmes have been developed to meet this demand. The plan documentation of this double issue, DASH – Global Housing, includes 16 projects covering a wide range of approaches […]

Herne Hill Peabody Estate

LondonH.A. Darbishire, W.E. Wallis, V. Wilkins

In 1862, American banker and philanthropist George Peabody, who worked in London, established a trust with the aim of improving the living conditions of London’s poor. The trustees decided to focus on the realization of good and affordable housing for the poorest members of the working class. Victorian England was very aware of the huge […]

Equipement intérieur d’une habitation

ParisCharlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret

With the arrival of Charlotte Perriand in the Parisian studio of Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret in 1927, the three designers began to develop a series of furniture designs. The designs were exhibited at the Salon d’Automne beginning in 1928. This annual art exhibition, which started in 1903 and still takes place in Paris, had […]

Svenskt Tenns utställningsrum

New YorkJosef Frank and Estrid Ericson

Sweden speaks. In 1939, this motto was written in large letters on the Swedish pavilion at the New York World’s Fair. The pavilion, designed by Sven Markelius, drew a lot of attention, not least because of several style rooms that were furnished by leading designers. One of the rooms, a studio, was designed and furnished […]

College versus Campus

Around the world, the concepts of campus and college are used in the slogans and names of all kinds of developments. An analysis of several exemplary historical ensembles from the Anglo-Saxon tradition reveals the meaning that is contained in these concepts as spatial figures. A meaning that still remains valuable today.

Plan Documentation Housing the Student

The plan documentation for this tenth edition of DASH includes ten examples of student housing projects that have actually been built. Spread across Europe and North America, the projects give a panoramic overview of models for student housing that have been developed over the past 500 years. The architecture of the student dwelling has a […]