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De Negen Essen

Bergen (NH)Daan Zuiderhoek & Hein Klarenbeek

In the late 1950s a reactor for Euratom, the European Institute for Nuclear Research, was built in the dunes near Petten. A piece of land was purchased in the nearby artists’ village of Bergen to provide accommodation for the institute’s expatriate employees. The plans for this location comprised dwellings, a guesthouse and a European School […]

Park Rozendaal

LeusdenDavid Zuiderhoek & Henk Klunder

The second Nota Ruimtelijke Ordening (Policy Document on Spatial Planning) prompted Leusden’s designation in 1996 as a growth core in the Amersfoort region. A new structural plan formed the basis for the village’s expansion, citing English new towns with their low-density housing. Several years later, one of the authors of the plan, David Zuiderhoek, designed […]


ZwolleBenno Stegeman

In 1974 architect Benno Stegeman was commissioned to design a neighbourhood on the Aa-Landen housing estate in Zwolle. This neighbourhood was to reflect 1970s’ ideals which sought new residential forms within a new, democratized and individualized society. The guiding principles derived from themes such as collectivity versus individuality, hospitality and small-scale development…  


AlmereOnix Architecten

Almere-Buiten Oost, the most northerly extension to Almere, is composed of a number of neighbourhoods that are separated from each other by broad areas of green. Recently, several independent and more experimental, small-scale neighbourhoods were created in a relatively young strip of woodland. One of these projects, designed by Onix architects, set out to create […]