DASH (Delft Architectural Studies on Housing) is a thematic book series that is wholly devoted to residential design. Inquiry into historical and contemporary projects and conditions is the central focus of DASH. New types of housing but also existing models and changing trends are thoroughly charted and examined. The target is the future: with thought-provoking analyses, DASH aims to give new impetus to innovative housing design.

DASH aims to occupy a central position in the academic community as well as among designing and commissioning parties. For clients, architects and academics, DASH is a tool for tackling the contemporary housing assignment in an innovative manner and for developing and disseminating new information on housing design. DASH aims to make an international contribution to housing design from a Dutch perspective.

Over the past few centuries, the Netherlands has built up a housing tradition that is renowned throughout the world. With its book series DASH, the Chair of Architecture and Dwelling, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, intends to bring the richness of housing design back on centre stage.

DASH is published once a year. Each edition is devoted to a fundamental theme in contemporary housing development, with an introductory essay by the editor or guest editor responsible, followed by extensive, uniformly presented plan documentation of relevant projects from the present as well as the past.

Four articles about specific aspects of the theme give historical hindsight and critical reflection on current development practices, complemented by two interviews with professionals and key figures on the chosen theme.


Dick van Gameren (Founding Editor)

Frederique van Andel, Dirk van den Heuvel, Olv Klijn, Annenies Kraaij, Paul Kuitenbrouwer, Harald Mooij, Pierijn van der Putt, Hans Teerds, Jurjen Zeinstra

Academic Board

Monique Eleb, Marc Glaudemans, Joan Ockman, Max Risselada

Advisory Board

Frits van Dongen, Francine Houben, Han Michel, Ton Schaap, Piet Vollaard

Drawing Team

Current: Ana Luisa da Fonseca, Axel Beem
Former: Manfredi Bozzi, Guido Greijdanus, Michiel van Hennik, Cederick Ingen-Housz, Imke van Leuken, Robbert Guis, Wing Yung, Sebastiaan Kaal, Davida Rauch, Hendrik Schikarski, Carlyn Simoen, Janine Toussaint, Rohan Varma


Javier Arpa, Tom Avermaete, Dirk Baalman, Steve Baer, Daniel A. Barber, Like Bijlsma, Irene Cieraad, Charles Correa, Lucy Creagh, Rika Devos, Machiel van Dorst, Monique Eleb, Carmen Espegel, Fredie Flore, Eric Frijters, Joosje van Geest, Bart Goldhoorn, Helen Gyger, Elain Harwood, Klaske Havik, Julia Hegenwald, Dorine van Hoogstraten, Nynke Jutten, Vincent Kompier, Peter Lang, Willemijn Lofvers, Paul Meurs, Nelson Mota, Ivan Nio, Michelle Provoost, Kim de Raedt, Annet Ritsema, Louise Schouwenberg, Lara Schrijver, Seyed Mohamad Ali Sedeghi, Eva Storgaard, Brook Teklehaimanot, Karin Theunissen, Rohan Varma, Jacques Vink, Wolfgang Voigt, Piet Vollaard, Noud de Vreeze, Cor Wagenaar, Sandra Wagner-Conzelmann, Willemijn Wilms Floet, Christopher Woodward


Joseph Plateau, Amsterdam


Nai010 publishers, Rotterdam