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Finding Form for a Free Spirit

It wasn’t until the explosive growth of universities after the Second World War that a demand was created in the Netherlands for large-scale new construction, specifically for students. A reconstruction of the lively debate about the origins and implementation of this task raises universal questions about communality and individual development.

‘A Campus is: a Place Where Everything You Need is at Hand’

The beginning of this year saw the opening of Campus Diemen Zuid, a student campus based on the American example. With its 936 student rooms in former office buildings and a private client, this project illustrates a new kind of development. A conversation with the initiator about his motivations and vision.

Anna van Bueren Tower

The Anna van Bueren Tower provides a combination of studying, living and social activities in a single hybrid university residential building, centrally situated at an infrastructure…

Relaxed Private Commissioning

Until a few years ago, it was common practice in the Netherlands for developers to deliver generic products and give most of their attention to production. Of course, there was also…