DASH (Delft Architectural Studies on Housing) is a thematic book series that is wholly devoted to residential design. Inquiry into historical and contemporary projects and conditions is the central focus of DASH. New types of housing but also existing models and changing trends are thoroughly charted and examined. The target is the future: with thought-provoking analyses, DASH aims to give new impetus to innovative housing design.

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Out now! DASH – Global Housing

Affordable Dwellings for Growing Cities

In emerging economies all over the world, massive urbanization leads to an acute need of affordable housing. DASH Global Housing is a special double issue focused on architectural and urban planning models implemented to face this challenge worldwide.DASH explores the tension between the required mass production and solutions tailored to local circumstances. The emphasis is […]

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Shustar New Town

Shushtar New Town, designed by Kamran Diba, is one of the most well-known housing projects in contemporary Iranian architecture. Located close to the ancient city of Shushtar in the southwest of Iran, it follows the traditional urban pattern of Iranian cities with an interwoven urban fabric and (mud)brick as construction material. Construction started in 1976 […]

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Dash12-13 coverDash #12-13 – Global Housing

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Dash #14 – From Dwelling to Dwelling: Radical Housing Transformation