DASH is an independent peer-reviewed book series for Architecture, published once a year by nai010 publishers for the Chair of Architecture and Dwelling of Delft University of Technology


nai010 publishers is an internationally orientated publisher specialized in developing, producing and distributing books on architecture, visual arts and related disciplines.

For information on sales and distribution in the Netherlands and Belgium, please send an email to sales@nai010.com

nai010 books are available internationally at selected bookstores and from the following distribution partners:

North, South and Central America – Artbook | D.A.P., New York, USA,

Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece – Coen Sligting Bookimport, Alkmaar, the Netherlands, sligting@xs4all.nl

Rest of the world – Idea Books, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, idea@ideabooks.nl

For general questions, please contact nai010 publishers directly at sales@nai010.com or visit our website www.nai010.com for further information.


It is not possible to subscribe to DASH. If you want to be updated about new issues, please check this website or like us at Facebook. Here we will post updates regularly.