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Ambiente di soggiorno e terrazzo

MilanLuigi Figini and Gino Pollini

In the late 1920s, Italian architecture was still operating within the boundaries of academic thinking, and clung to neoclassicism and a decorative style concept, whereas in the surrounding world, the Modern Movement was already in full swing. Among the first young people to oppose this conservative Italian academic culture were Luigi Figini (1903-1984) and Gino […]

Interiør -52

TrondheimFinn Juhl

Danish architect Finn Juhl (1912-1989), the ‘father of Danish design’, was commissioned in 1950 by Norwegian art historian T. Krohn-Hansen (at the time, director of the Nordenfjeldeske Kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim) to furnish one of the museum’s rooms as an office, to be part of the museum’s permanent collection. This workspace was meant to enter into […]

The Room

The basic module of every student housing project is the student room, the confined space for the individual student in relation to the larger community. An exploration of the historical development of the student room, from its medieval origins to the present, shows a great deal of variation in its programme, embedding and architectural elaboration.

Plan Documentation Housing the Student

The plan documentation for this tenth edition of DASH includes ten examples of student housing projects that have actually been built. Spread across Europe and North America, the projects give a panoramic overview of models for student housing that have been developed over the past 500 years. The architecture of the student dwelling has a […]


NijmegenPiet Tauber

Student days, Granpré Molière contended in his first Nijmegen urban design in 1949, represent a vulnerable transitional phase between one’s family and the whole of society. At Hoogeveldt, architect Piet Tauber wanted to prevent students from being swallowed up in a nameless crowd. In spite of the large number of rooms (1,024), Hoogeveldt distinguishes itself […]


TrondheimBrendeland & Kristoffersen arkitekter

The residential complex for young people in Svartlamoen lies on the intersection between what was until recently a run-down city district and a large-scale industrial area in Trondheim. Here Geir Brendeland and Olav Kristoffersen realized their first building in 2005 – at that moment the largest in the world made of massivtre (solid wood) – […]

Anna van Bueren Tower

The HagueWiel Arets Architects

The Anna van Bueren Tower provides a combination of studying, living and social activities in a single hybrid university residential building, centrally situated at an infrastructure hub directly adjacent to the renovated The Hague Central Station. The architect warrants that ‘a flood of visual contact from within the steel tower out onto the adjacent square will […]

Bo01 City of Tomorrow

MalmöKlas Tham et al.

Malmö, with its 270,000 inhabitants, is the third-largest city in Sweden. Since 2000, Malmö has been connected to Copenhagen by the Öresund Bridge, yet it has continued to struggle with its image as a dilapidated port city. To shed this image, the city developed a plan (together with the Swedish state and a range of […]

Parque Cidade Jardim

São Paulo Escritório Técnico Julio Neves & Pablo Slemenson Arquitetura

The rise of privatized luxury domains, combining private residential, collective and commercial functions, has become unstoppable in Brazilian cities. Described as condomínios fechados, these impenetrable, closed enclaves are in effect vertical urban neighbourhoods. The Hygiénopolis neighbourhood in São Paulo marked the start of this development in the twentieth century. Along with their collective and commercial […]


New YorkHerzog & de Meuron Architekten AG

40BOND is a complex and contradictory experiment that anticipates a new type of building: a combination of townhouse and apartment building, a so-called diversité d’habitation(Domus 910, 98). Its mix of ingredients includes: dwelling type, artfully applied materials and a ‘close reading’ of the urban context and its graffiti ‘tags’. The building is a radical reinvention […]


AmsterdamAWG Architecten

What makes Detroit special is the discretion with which an impressive and ambitious programme has been inserted into the urban fabric of the Amsterdam Eastern Docklands. The ‘luxury along the river IJ’ development consists of a big assortment of rental apartments (82 units, 106 to 238 m2, with rents ranging from €1,500 to €5,000 per […]