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The Grand Housing Programme

In 2004, the Integrated Housing Development Programme (IHDP) was introduced in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to reduce the overwhelming housing backlog estimated at about 300,000 housing units and to replace 50 per cent of the dilapidated housing stock. The programme, also known as the ‘Grand Housing Programme’ (GHP), was initiated by the then mayor Arkebe Oqubay […]

Finding Form for a Free Spirit

It wasn’t until the explosive growth of universities after the Second World War that a demand was created in the Netherlands for large-scale new construction, specifically for students. A reconstruction of the lively debate about the origins and implementation of this task raises universal questions about communality and individual development.

Plan Documentation Housing the Student

The plan documentation for this tenth edition of DASH includes ten examples of student housing projects that have actually been built. Spread across Europe and North America, the projects give a panoramic overview of models for student housing that have been developed over the past 500 years. The architecture of the student dwelling has a […]

Collège néerlandais

ParisWillem Marinus Dudok

In 1921, the French Minister of Education André Honorat launched the initiative for an ‘international city’ for students, in the green band around the old city ramparts of Paris. Good housing for a growing student population also served the more ideological goal of preventing new wars through international cooperation. France made the land available free of cost, and participating countries could build a fondation in line with their own ideas and budget, to be transferred on delivery to the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris…

Casa Muro

Santiago de Chile FAR Frohn & Rojas

An ordinary rectangular lot in a rural expansion district of Santiago de Chile was the inspiration for this amazing Wall House. The lot is screened off from its immediate surroundings by several boscages, which however do not hinder a wider view of the Andes Mountains. This inspired the architects Frohn and Rojas to come up […]

Plan Documentation Living in a New Past

The plan documentation of the sixth issue of DASH features a series of historic and more recent projects that provide a panorama of the way in which, over the past 100 years, traditional housing forms have been used as the basis for new projects. Each project is illustrated with new analytical drawings and with photographs […]

INA – Casa Tiburtino

RomeMario Ridolfi & Ludovico Quaroni

Among the grid of housing blocks on the fringes of Rome, bordering the Via Tiburtina, is a small neighbourhood with a radically different layout. Strips of three- to five-storey blocks in earthy shades of yellow, orange, red and pink form enclosed, informal urban spaces, with here and there some green spaces and parking. Triangular seven-storey […]

Woningbouw Bosrijk

EindhovenThomas Bedaux, Bedaux De Brouwer

The ‘Groenplaats Bosrijk’ (literally ‘green place’ Bosrijk) is part of the Eindhoven district Meerhoven, situated on former army land. The park-like terrain derives its name from the monumental array of trees. The trees and open green spaces form the backbone of the urban design scheme by Karres en Brands: various housing clusters have been slotted […]

Plan Documentation of the Woonerf

The plan documentation for the woonerf in this third edition of DASH presents a series of projects, historical and recent, national and international, that the editorial team regard as exemplary in any discussion of living on a woonerf. The core of the selection comprises a series of exceptional Dutch housing estates, dating from the heyday […]