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New Gourna Village

LuxorHassan Fathy

In the nineteenth century, Gourna was a small farming settlement at the foot of the Theban necropolis, near present-day Luxor. By 1945, it had evolved into a  village of approximately 7,000 inhabitants that subsisted mainly on ransacking the many tombs dating back to the days of the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptian  Department of Antiquities, in […]

Out now! DASH – Global Housing

In emerging economies all over the world, massive urbanization leads to an acute need of affordable housing. DASH Global Housing is a special double issue focused on architectural and urban planning models implemented to face this challenge worldwide.DASH explores the tension between the required mass production and solutions tailored to local circumstances. The emphasis is […]

Soon featuring in DASH – Global Housing

Shushtar New Town, designed by Kamran Diba, is one of the most well-known housing projects in contemporary Iranian architecture. Located close to the ancient city of Shushtar in the southwest of Iran, it follows the traditional urban pattern of Iranian cities with an interwoven urban fabric and (mud)brick as construction material. Construction started in 1976 […]

DASH – Global Housing

We are still working hard to finalize the last content for the upcoming DOUBLE issue of DASH! Among others, this issue will feature essays by Helen Gyger (Mediating Informality: The Urban Visions of Peru’s Law 13517), Dick van Gameren & Rohan Varma (Shifting Scales: Affordable Housing in India) and Nelson Mota (To Be Continued…: Housing, […]

Interview with Tsedale Mamo

In 2004 the Grand Housing Programme (GHP) was introduced in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to reduce the overwhelming housing backlog, estimated at about 300.000 housing units and to replace 50% of the overall dilapidated public rental houses (locally known as Kebele Houses). For the upcoming Issue of DASH – Global Housing (autumn 2015), Brook Teklehaimanot, from […]

Fria New Town

DASH is disovering the Archives of Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris for the upcoming issue on Global Housing. One of the projects which will feature in the Plan Documentation is: Fria New Town in Guinea Conakry (1956-1964) by Michel Ecochard / Guy Lagneau, Michel Weill  & Jean Dimitrijevic / Michel Kalt, Daniel […]

Upcoming Issue of DASH

An important chapter in the history of Western architecture is the emergence of affordable mass housing at the beginning of the 20th century and in the reconstruction period after the Second World War. Mass Housing became a full architectural and urban problem, with strong political and idealistic dimensions. Some of the projects that emerged in […]

Editorial Dash #11

The cover of this issue of DASH shows a home interior that was exhibited in Berlin in 1952, at the exhibition ‘Wir bauen ein besseres Leben’ / ‘We’re Building a Better Life’. In this model interior, which was designed like a brilliant white laboratory, American actors showed the audience that had flocked to Berlin how […]

Kleinbürgerliches Wohnzimmer

DresdenHeinrich Tessenow

In 1925, the year in which Le Corbusier exhibited his Pavillon de L’Esprit Nouveau at the ‘Exposition des Arts Décoratifs’ in Paris, the ‘Jahresschau Deutscher Arbeit’ was held for the fourth time at Dresden’s downtown exhibition area, this time under the leadership of city ​​architect Paul Wolf. Whereas previous exhibitions had themes such as ‘porcelain, […]

Housing in times of crisis

Housing exhibitions present experimental answers to urgent social and economic issues that are related to housing, especially in times of crisis. This makes exhibitions an important link between theory and practice. The ‘growing home’ is an experimental idea that was developed in the 1930s, but it might also be suitable for the current crisis.