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Die Wohnung unserer Zeit

BerlinMies van der Rohe et al.

In 1931, amid the economic crisis, the Deutsche Bauausstellung opened in Berlin. It was the result of an initiative started several years beforehand to open a permanent building exhibition in Berlin. Part of this exhibition was to consist of several separate, temporary exhibitions, such as the ‘Internationale Ausstellung für Städtebau und Wohnungswesen’ and the exhibition […]


BerlinJosef Paul Kleihues, Hardt-Waltherr Hämer et al.

In 1979, 23 years after the realization of the Interbau exhibition in Berlin’s Hansaviertel district, the initiative was taken to organize a new, large-scale building exhibition in Berlin. When the exhibition officially ended in 1987, a large number of projects had been built, but together these amounted to only half of the construction plans. The […]

Plan Documentation Building Together

The plan documentation of this eighth edition of DASH includes 11 projects that were realized on the basis of collective private commissions. Spread over Europe and North America, the projects provide a panoramic overview of the last 100 years. It shows the results of people’s private initiatives to build their own homes together with associates. […]


Pleasantville, New YorkFrank Lloyd Wright

In the 1940s, David and Priscilla Henken, two young professionals who lived and worked in Manhattan, took the initiative to found a cooperative community in the countryside together with like-minded people, away from busy and densely populated New York City. Their inspiration stemmed from the ideas of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, the […]

Calle de Arturo Soria

MadridBayon, Aroca, Bisquert y Martin

Architect/engineer Ricardo Aroca from Madrid realized a number of unusual apartment buildings in the 1970s. The underlying principle was the idea of a vertical shelving rack on which made-to-measure houses could be placed, indepen-dently of each other. Each storey provides a free floor slab where every layout is possible. To achieve this, Aroca developed a […]


LeusdenHans Ruijssenaars

Hidden deep between the pedestrian priority zones in Leusden, there is a cluster of 11 houses in two rows grouped round a green courtyard. The sober exterior, executed in concrete blocks, has an expressive form due to the recessed house entrances and similarly set-back balconies on the first floor. It provides hardly any indication of […]

Plan Documentation The Eco House

The plan documentation for the seventh issue of DASH presents a series of exemplary ecological houses. The majority of them are detached or situated in rural areas or suburbs; two are townhouses, one of which is even an example of stacked individual dwellings. Together they demonstrate how architectural design can contribute to solving the problem […]

Jacobs House 2

Middleton, WisconsinFrank Lloyd Wright

In 1936, during the Great Depression, Herbert and Katherine Jacobs asked architect Frank Lloyd Wright to design a house for them with a construction budget of only $5,000. Wright seized this opportunity to implement his ideas for an affordable home. The result, the brilliant Jacobs House in Madison, Wisconsin, designed down to the last detail, […]

Villa Engström

Lisön, SödermanlandRalph Erskine

At a superb location on the Baltic coast near Lisön, Ralph Erskine designed a vacation home in 1955 that also had to be suitable for year-round living. The client, Engström, was the owner of a steel construction company, and he collaborated with Erskine on developing the self-supporting dome construction of the house. The dome is […]

Plan Documentation Living in a New Past

The plan documentation of the sixth issue of DASH features a series of historic and more recent projects that provide a panorama of the way in which, over the past 100 years, traditional housing forms have been used as the basis for new projects. Each project is illustrated with new analytical drawings and with photographs […]